• Attas Daaas
  • "Pursuit of hand bending"―The in history ATTAS's first midsummer gift condition―
    Twelfth generation ATTAS DAAAS which inspected rigidity of each generation ATTAS series, and light swing feeling was the same, and pursued hand bending.
    For design by to soften grip lower neighborhood than money part, and to be able to sound, feel bending than money system shaft.
    In the case of downswing, we could make tame naturally and realized stable trajectory without shooting, and hurrying.

Product details

"Pursuit to low torque"―To dimension that is new with potential of head―
We review material to use to pursue low torque and adopt material with tenacity than past material which we swat and used with system shaft.
Furthermore, we direct a feeling of highly elastic player by adopting "Torayca ®M40X" in leader.
In addition, we change placement of "Torayca ®M40X" and develop technology "S.T.T" (Strike Torque Technology) suppressing torque newly.
We reduce blurring to be seen in big head of the moment of inertia and further draw head original potential.




"Former Women tour championship pro experimentally"―To the most suitable hardness―
Test is asked for by ATTAS brand first former Women tour pro.
By repeating thorough shida, each weight obi was finished in gentle duster system model according to concept.

"Further addition of lineup"―Light; from the times of hard juju to the times of diversification―
The 40 g level adds SR. The 50 g level adds SX.
We adopt SX on the more 60 g level and meet needs of wider golfer.



* Published price is all request for maker body price.
* Product may cancel specifications change and production without notice.
* About indication of specifications
・Specifications are basic numbers by our measurement procedure.
・Weight error is ±3 g.
* Product image of publication is image. It may be different from real product.
* All these products met authorized standard of association of product security.


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