• Tensei AV RAW White
  • Shaft Name Flex Length (in) Weight (g) Tip O.D. (in) Tip Length (in) Butt O.D. (in) Torque (degrees) Kick Pt.
    White 65 S 46 66 0.335 3 0.598 3.5 HIGH
    White 65 X 46 69 0.335 3 0.602 3.4 HIGH
    White 65 TX 46 67 0.335 3 0.618 4.0 HIGH
    White 65 Prototype 2.0 TX 46 69 0.335 3 0.622 3.2 HIGH
    White 75 S 46 75 0.335 3 0.610 3.1 HIGH
    White 75 X 46 77 0.335 3 0.612 3.0 HIGH
    White 75 TX 46 79 0.335 3 0.612 3.0 HIGH
    White 75 Prototype 2.0 TX 46 79 0.335 3 0.614 2.9 HIGH
    White 85 S 46 87 0.335 3 0.616 3.1 HIGH
    White 85 X 46 88 0.335 3 0.618 3.0 HIGH
    White 85 TX 46 88 0.335 3 0.608 2.9 HIGH
    White 85 Prototype 2.0 TX 46 89 0.335 3 0.610 2.7 HIGH

Product details

TENSEI™ AV RAW Series refines the player-revered performance of TENSEI™ AV Blue and establishes a full range of fitting options. All three feature a RAW finish that reveals the Aluminum Vapor (AV) Coated Weave in the butt section, a visible cue of the added stability this unique weave provides. Produced by coating an extremely thin and tight weave with aluminum vapor in a vacuum-sealed chamber, the AV Coated Weave reduces shaft ovaling and improve energy transfer.


TENSEI™ AV RAW White blends modern performance with a stiff-tip, low-launch profile. The RAW finish reveals the Aluminum Vapor (AV) Coated Weave in the butt section, a visible cue of the added stability this unique weave provides. Power transfers straight from the hands through the ball for a low, piercing flight.


TENSEI™ AV RAW White is best for stronger players who want a stiffer-tipped, lower-launching ball flight with a feeling of greater stability and control throughout the swing.


Proving that their drive for engineering perfection never rests Mitsubishi Chemical added a new, even more stable Prototype 2.0 TX-Flex shaft to their TENSEI™ AV RAW White Series.  The new design, which replaces the previous TENSEI™ AV RAW White TX-Flex, was one of several prototypes vetted during the development process and ultimately provides a better, smoother transition from the matching profiles of the S and X to the TX flexes within the AV RAW White Series.  While the initial TX design was well-received by Tour players during early seeding, the new Prototype 2.0 provides a more powerful profile, with a stiffer tip and sub-3.0 torque.



Aluminum Vapor Deposited Fiber
Inside a vacuum-sealed chamber, the fiber is coated with aluminum vapor (AV). This AV fiber adds stability, to help achieve the desired EI target. And the weave is tighter and thinner than the previous CK material, which helps prevent shaft ovaling.

Ultra-Lightweight Materials
Our expertise in creating thousands of versions of carbon fiber and resin combinations gives us the ability to create unique high-performance materials designed to deliver exactly what our engineers require to make our ultra-lightweight, high-performance shafts.

Low Resin Content (L.R.C.) Prepreg
With up to 15% more carbon fiber and 13% less resin than traditional prepregs, L.R.C. allows us to create a higher density of carbon fibers without adding additional weight. The result: Added strength with enhanced feel.


EI Chart


Driver Speed (mph)/Driver Carry (yds) 80/210 81-90/210-239 91-105/240-259 106/260
TENSEI™ AV RAW White 65     S X/TX
TENSEI™ AV RAW White 75     S X/TX
TENSEI™ AV RAW White 85     S X/TX


Tip Trimming Information
Driver 3 Wood 5 Wood 7 Wood 9 Wood
0" 0.5" 0.75" 1.0" 1.0"

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