• Attas King
  • We adopt four axis ® textiles,We thoroughly investigate easiness of tsukamarito swing.
    We adopt four axis ® textiles from hand part to intermediate part. Shaft leader lays explosive acceleration by making use of power of restitution with high four axis ® textiles, and is unprecedented; "hold", and realize o.
    We direct easiness of swing with normal carbon sheet with soft dakan which is hard to be provided by using four more axis ® textiles for money part.

Product details


With "Torayca ®M40X"Fusion of HTT technology.
We adopt "trading card ®M40X" which is highly elastic high strength material in shaft leader.
We already balance person push with sense of speed by letting you fuse with HTT technology that you cultivated in ATTAS CoooL and bring about maximization of flying distance.
※Technology that hit, and controlled defeat and blurring of shaft that there is apt to be to ... run system shaft with HTT technology.



"Light, hard" is collaboration of to point condition
We adopt last condition in ATTAS series for the first time. Light; add SX to hard model, and, by wide specifications, "hold" onto many players more, and "fly", and to provides o.




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