• JumboMax 1.3 Black
  • Size Weight (g) Core Diameter (in) Mid Diameter (in) Butt Diameter (in) Firmness
    Standard 41 .600 0.83 1.05 4/5
    Standard Oversize 59 .600 0.85 1.09 4/5
    Standard Jumbo 71 .600 0.91 1.16 4/5
    Extra Small 90 .600 1.00 1.23 4/5
    Small 99 .600 1.03 1.35 4/5
    Medium 110 .600 1.07 1.40 4/5
    Large 112 .600 1.11 1.44 4/5
    Extra Large 123 .600 1.14 1.46 4/5

Product details



The Tour Series from JumboMax helps golfers improve their rhythm and smooth out their tempo with an ultra-stable construction that acts as a counterweight.


With their increased mass, Tour Series grips can help golfers accelerate their hands through the impact area with less effort. This can help some golfers overcome tendencies such as an “early release” that lead to poor shots.


Other golfers prefer the Tour Series for its extra-firm design that delivers maximum stability for the tightest possible shot dispersion.




Tour Series grips prove that firm grips can still be a pleasure to hold. Like all JumboMax grips, the Tour Series uses a StabilityCore™ to create serious performance at any speed.


The outer layer has a Dual-Texture pattern with a Raised Hex Pattern to bring added texture to the back and key gripping areas. A Cross Pattern on the top and sides of the grip maximizes tackiness and repels moisture.

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